SELV Rituel Immersive Bath Kit


SELV RITUAL is a Montreal-based company that offers high quality bath products, botanical body oils, and skin care products. Their products are all hand-made in Montreal using 100% natural and vegan ingredients, and recycled and compostable packaging.

What we love
A relaxing turnkey bath ritual
High quality, 100% natural ingredients
Vegan-friendly ingredients
Simply put all the elements in the tub, besides the matches. After your bath, peacefully pick up the items with your hands and place in a bowl. Use this time to express your gratitude for having had the opportunity to prepare a beautiful bath ritual.

Choose from 6 Blends!

Nordique: A turnkey bath ritual with lavender and eucalyptus. 
Quartz: A turnkey rose bath ritual. The hot sun warms up each rose whose scent envelops you and permeates your skin. 
Blomst: A turnkey bath ritual with lilacs and lilies of the valley.
Soliel: A turnkey bath ritual with coconut, lemon and lavender. 
Lune: A turnkey bath ritual with lavender and mint. The sky is darkening, night is falling. Between the softness of lavender and the freshness of mint, let yourself go.
Minuet: A unique turnkey bath ritual for the Holidays. Imagine a bath, with you adorned with oranges, cranberries. This tasty mix of sweet and fresh.

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