Pura Smart Home Diffuser Kit


Fill cozy spaces with complete, effortless control from a Pura Smart Home Diffuser. A convenient experience that lets you adjust intensity of safe and clean fragrances, customize schedules, and much more from anywhere using your device. The Pura kit is easy to use allowing you full control with the Pura App on your phone.

Clean & Safe!
Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals and avoids ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment. Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced.

Includes: 1 Pura Smart Home Diffuser + 2 Capri Blue Volcano Fragrance Vials (0.34 fl oz/each)
Each fragrance vial will last up to 350 hours

Sweet. Citrusy. Inviting.
Like the excitement and energy of a summer night rendezvous, this fragrance is simply unforgettable. Tangy grapefruit and tangerine open the scent, giving it instant energy and appeal. Succulent plum and juicy black currant mingle with creamy sandalwood and ribbons of raspberry vanilla, altogether forming a scent that’s a favorite for good reason.

Top: grapefruit, orange, tangerine, strawberry
Middle: plum, black currant, green apple
Bottom: sandalwood, raspberry vanilla

Step 1. Plug device into your outlet.

Step 2. Download and open the Pura application and log in through Facebook, Google or sign up for an account.

Step 3. On the home page, select the “+” button at the top right corner to add a new device to your app.

Step 4. If your Pura device’s LED light is dark blue, click the Green “START” button. If light does not turn blue, try resetting the Pura device by inserting tool into the hole to engage the mode button.

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