Pura Refills – Thymes


Clean & Safe!
Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals and avoids ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment. Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced.

Clean. Invigorating. Green.
Cultivate an indoor herb garden with this aromatic, citrusy scent. The unmistakable greenness of basil is paired with ripe, just-picked blackcurrants grown alongside tomatoes and delicate sage. This is a unique, transformative fragrance perfect for any season.

Top: blackcurrant, petitgrain
Middle: basil, tomato leaf
Bottom: sage

Citrus. Cheerful. Bright.
Sunny and sparkling, this uplifting fragrance creates a green, citrus-filled escape in your home. This refreshing citrus fragrance features effervescent lemon verbena, dewy leaves, crisp white wood accord, creamy lily of the valley, bergamot oil, and geranium blooms.

Top: lemon verbena, dewy green leaves
Middle: crisp white wood accord, creamy lily of the valley
Bottom: bergamot

Lively. Energizing. Bright.
This herbal and citrus blend is a breath of fresh air. Tangy citrus notes are balanced by herbs of green rosemary leaf and coriander, melting into warm atlas cedarwood. Diffuse Mandarin Coriander to bring a sunny feeling with a hint of spice to your space.

Top: lively mandarin oil, grapefruit , rosemary leaf
Middle: coriander, lemon balm, green ivy
Bottom: sweet marjoram, Irish moss, Sacred Atlas cedarwood

Energizing. Fresh. Clean.
Create transformative moments with a fragrance that will energize and awaken your senses. This fresh, lively fragrance features invigorating eucalyptus, crisp Italian lemon, sweet bergamot, energizing petitgrain, and lush fir.

Top: invigorating eucalyptus, crisp Italian lemon
Middle: sweet bergamot, energizing petitgrain, lively lemongrass
Bottom: fir

Uplifting. Refreshing. Sunny.
Transform any space into a sunlit garden with this airy and floral scent. Reminiscent of sunshine rays on a blossoming garden, this refreshing fragrance inspires joy and renewal. Airy notes of delicate willow and dewy magnolia blossoms are accented with sheer mandarin, crushed jasmine leaves, and white mahogany.

Top: orange peel oil, sheer mandarin, crushed jasmine leaves
Middle: jasmine blooms, delicate willow, peony
Bottom: white woods, creamy sandalwood, sheer musk

Fresh. Energizing. Clean.
Invite the scent of freshly laundered sheets into your home with this clean and energizing fragrance. Refreshing notes of fresh cedarwood, calming lavender, and white pepper are rounded out with an intriguing touch of grapefruit, fragrant orange flower, and warm amber.

Top: grapefruit, white pepper
Middle: lavender, orange flower
Bottom: amber

Fresh. Familiar. Comforting.
This scent speaks of nostalgia, home traditions and suggestive of wonderful times to come. The aromatic snap of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood, and relaxing sandalwood create a fragrance that brings the great outdoors in.

Top: Siberian fir
Middle: cedarwood
Bottom: sandalwood

Cozy. Homey. Gourmand.
This fragrance is fresh-out-of-the-oven delicious—sweet, buttery, gingery, and spicy. Top notes of cinnamon bark and fresh ginger mingle with warm cardamom and sweet nutmeg, followed by blonde woods and creamy musk.

Top: cinnamon bark, fresh ginger
Middle: spicy cardamom, nutmeg
Bottom: blonde woods, creamy musk

A simmering blend of freshly-pressed apple mulled with crushed clove and cardamom, with hints of bourbon.

Top: juicy apple, clove
Middle: cardamom
Bottom: hints of bourbon, creamy musk

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