Pura Refills – Capri Blue


Clean & Safe!
Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals and avoids ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment. Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced.

Sweet. Citrusy. Inviting.
Like the excitement and energy of a summer night rendezvous, this fragrance is simply unforgettable. Tangy grapefruit and tangerine open the scent, giving it instant energy and appeal. Succulent plum and juicy black currant mingle with creamy sandalwood and ribbons of raspberry vanilla, altogether forming a scent that’s a favorite for good reason.

Top: grapefruit, orange, tangerine, strawberry
Middle: plum, black currant, green apple
Bottom: sandalwood, raspberry vanilla

Citrusy. Happy. Warm.
Like your favorite pair of jeans, this fragrance hugs you in comfort. Recognizable, dependable notes of orange zest, cinnamon leaf, and cashmere combine with unexpected hints of calone, silky musk, and patchouli. Whether you’re unwinding or entertaining, this fresh and familiar scent fills the space and fits the mood.

Top: bergamot, orange zest, chamomile
Middle: cinnamon leaf, clove, calone, cashmere
Bottom: vanilla bean, silky musk, cedarwood, patchouli

Summery. Tropical. Relaxing.
Escape from reality with a blend of tropical notes reminiscent of a summery day at the beach. Juicy lime joins creamy coconut, pairing perfectly with flowering hibiscus and warm amber to bring a bit of zen-like luxury to your experience.

Top: lime
Middle: flowering hibiscus, coconut
Bottom: amber

Floral. Exotic. Bright.
Cascading notes of exotic island florals intermingle to perfect a fragrance full of energy and strength. Fresh orange flower and honeyed peach blossoms delicately open the scent, making way for heart notes of orchid, jasmine, and white gardenia. This scent encourages a spirit of adventure coupled with resilience and dignity.

Top: sparkling bergamot, black currant
Middle: living floral heritage rose, wild fig
Bottom: vetiver, musk

Warm. Homey. Rich.
Not your average vanilla—in the very best way. Sweet notes of lime, bergamot, spun sugar, and vanilla are balanced by sandalwood, her, and smoky tobacco, giving the scent a subtle sweetness, a hint of spice, and a lot of coziness.

Top: sheer lime, vanilla orchid, bergamot
Middle: white rose blooms, spun sugar, smoky tobacco
Bottom: sandalwood, vanilla beans, white musk

Wit flowering hibiscus, lime, coconut and hints of amber, this fragrance gives you ultimate smooth sailing vibes.

Enjoy a break from the routine with elegantly soft notes of raspberry paired with white tea, cashmere vanilla, and wild violets.

Striking. Sweet. Dazzling.
Close your eyes and feel the island sun. This tropical fragrance blends sunny, sparkling pineapple with tart lemon flower, plum, and sweet sugar cane to create a scent inspired by the colorful island life.

Top: pineapple, plum
Middle: lemon flower
Bottom: sugar cane

This delicious Pumpkin Dulce fragrance is filled with sweet notes of white pumpkin, sweet gingersnap and whipped vanilla.

This spirited fragrance embodies all things holiday. With notes of cinnamon and clove, juniper berry, orange mandarin and forest woods you’ll be diffusing this fragrance all season long!

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