Milk Jar Candle – Elevated Collection


A new addition to the Milk Jar line, our Elevated Collection is a unique batch of notes and blends in the form of our signature coconut soy candles poured in soft touch matte coated glass jars.


DARJEELING – Patchouli & Santal
Powder notes of Patchouli & Amber, enhanced with the deep scent of East Indian Sandalwood. The unforgettably distinct scent of Santal creates a warm spice that everyone needs to experience in their lifetime. A sweet musk of the Patchouli flower rounds out the base of the scent. This candle is truly unique experience, like taking a spiritual journey aboard a luxury train, in a far away land.

SILVER LININGS – Palo Santo & Oud
Sophisticated blend including Palo Santo & Oud. It creates a soothing, yet pronounced combination. Pine and musk, woodsy yet polished. It is the most masculine scent in our new line, but still has a very delicate side. This aptly named scent represents hopeful prospects and comfort in opportunities ahead.

MOONRISE – Neroli & Plum
Bright and playful combination of Neroli, Plum, and Orange Blossom. The Lightly sweet floral notes of Neroli also hint at a citrus undertone that is all wrapped up with the richness of a fruity plum. This scent smells like a tale of young love and life’s many adventures.

GARDEN STATE – Cedar & Cassis
Notes of Cedar and Spruce are reminiscent of a refreshing winter forest, creating an an aromatic woody fusion of the great outdoors. Paired with bright and fruity Cassis, this candle smells like an awakening for that new chapter in your life. Garden State is the most refreshing candle in our new line.

WALLFLOWER – Tobacco & Peony
Tobacco and Peony, when blended together, have a stark sweetness entangled in richness and warmth. The woody dryness of the tobacco is cut perfectly with the sweet and rosy peony. When the two juxtaposed scents blend, they create a blissful harmony that walks the tightrope between the two opposites. Unlike the name suggests, Wallflower was created to be the centre of attention in any space.

An airy blend of Milk & Honey. Creamy and sweet just like the farmer’s best honey, fresh from the hive, right off the honeycomb. A fine balance between youthful sweetness and refined silky aroma. This sweet and light scent smells like meeting the love of your life on a train and only having one night to spend together.

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