Brand & Iron Candle – Laconic Collection


All candles are poured in small batches in Brand & Iron’s Vancouver studio. Using only the finest ingredients possible, without any additives, or harmful ingredients. Free from phthalates and petroleum, the soy wax is sourced from American-grown soy beans. It is clean burning, sustainable, and entirely natural.

8 oz. container, candle burn time: 45+ hours

Burning Instructions:
Burn for a minimum of 1.5 hours to create an even burn pool, to avoid tunneling, and to achieve a sufficient scent throw. Trim wick to ¼” prior to each use. Never leave candle unattended or burning for longer than 4 hours.

BONHOMIE | Frank and simple good heartedness
Just like a good-natured friend whose disposition is guaranteed to brighten your day, enjoy a cheerful pick-me-up courtesy of our new Laconic collection. This charming scent combines an energizing blend of grapefruit and mandarin with grounding notes of cedar and musk.
Top: Mandarin, Jasmine
Middle: Cedar, Amber
Base: Sandalwood, Musk

REPOSE | State of Tranquility
A welcome invitation to step away and enjoy a complete moment of rest and contentment. Immerse yourself in the calming aromas of white tea, citrus, thyme, and ginger. A thoughtful blend designed to revitalize your senses and soothe the soul.
Top: Bergamot, Citrus
Middle: Thyme, Ginger
Base: White Tea, Chrysanthemum

HALCYON | A serene and happy time of the past
Strike a match and reminisce alongside this lighthearted scent from our newest collection. Enjoy a refreshing blend of grapefruit and mint with notes of rosemary and sage as you recall joyful memories of days gone by.
Top: Grapefruit, Mint
Middle: Lavender, Rosemary
Base: Mangosteen, Sage

SONDER | A realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own
A scent that channels the intricacies of everyday life while simultaneously forging a familiar connection to the unique experiences that bring us together. Citrus, sea salt, plum, and amber unite to leave a lasting impression upon every encounter.
Top: Citrus, Sea Salt, Ozone
Middle: Plum, Cardamom
Base: Amber, dark musk

EUNOIA | A pure and well balanced mind; beautiful thinking
Find refreshment and balance in the naturally grounding properties of fig, citrus, moss, and patchouli. An organic synergy designed to encourage positive thoughts and interactions, both internal and external.
Top: Citrus, Fig
Middle: Green Leaves, Moss
Base: Patchouli, Moss, Cedar

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